Monday, January 2

urban decay: NAKED2

i'm going to add to the bunch of females & males who are just raving (or raveing?) about this palette. it's urban decay's most demanded palette. it was released in late 2011 & sold out over 5 times. i know because i was always missing out on it! i debated and thought about purchasing this palette because i figured it was just neutral colors & what not. but eventually, i gave in. everyone else has one (either the first one or second) so i wanted to see what all this rave was about. after a bit more researching, i realized this buy was'nt a bad idea at all.


you get 12 full size eye shadows for $50 (price of the palette). now, if you buy just one of the shadows, it's easily going to cost you $17 alone! now more about the product, it comes with a mini sized lip junke in 'naked' which is supposed to give a plumping effect. i haven't tried it out yet. in the palette there's a double sided 'good karma' brush by urban decay. the flat side is good for packing on a color & using it for liner. however, i'm not too much of a fan for it. the fluffy crease brush is also not the best but it does the work when you're in a rush. if it was softer, i'd probably get a 4 out of 5 (it's currently a 3).

now for the shadows! the palette has a great variety of shades. i've seen many complaints about half baked being duplicated in too many palettes. my only complaint is that i wish there were some more matte shades. there are only 3 which are foxy (1st color), tease (5th color), & blackout (last color). every other shade has a satin or shimmery finish. overall, you get your highlights, your bronze, your greys, your taupes & black. not to mention that the mirror takes up the whole lid of the top part.


this palette is great in packaging as it is all held in a tin casing with a snap closure. the inside is made of durable plastic (this is where the shadows, mirror & brush are held. materials are made in the usa & assembled in the dominican republic.

final thoughts:

the palette is perfect for many occasions, travel friendly, durable & most of all a great value. would i recommend it? absolutely. these shades are perfect for any skin tone.

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  1. omg im so jealous. i want this pallette sooooo bad!!!!!!! lol being a mom of 2 its hard to afford it!

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