Friday, March 16

sample review: clarins one-step gentle exfoliating cleanser

oh my!! my skin is feeling absolutely smooth & clean. i received this lovely sized sample of clarins one-step gentle exfoliating cleanser from sephora (of course) with an online order a while ago. as always, let's skip the chit-chat & get right to it. GET IT! why?? i'll tell you...

it's a 4-in-1 exfoliating treatment that is said to cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify & tone your skin. in this case, i agree.

you don't even need a lot to apply it to your whole face. i've now used this sample twice & i still have around 4 more uses to go. this is literally ALL you need! because we want to protect our skin, overdoing it isn't good. i would recommend this to be used only once a week. twice if you're like me & have had enough by the end of the week.

this is formulated for all skin types.. oily, dry, pale, dark, green, blue, purple. you name it. the texture is just gel like with "moringa" (horse-radish) grains.. these are the beads that are in here. can you see them?? they don't dissapear on you & they work fabulously at getting off all the dirt & gunk off of your face. i scrub my face with the tips of my hands so i can really work this into the crevices of my nose & those hard to reach areas.

this product is sort of an investment for your face. from it costs $35 for 4.4 oz. not too bad for what it is & how long it'll last you!

as for scent, it has orange extracts so it smells nice & citrusy.

my personal rating for this product recieves:
5 out of 5 stars!

as always; stay happy, stay healthy & remember, YOU are beautiful! - <3 em.
have a happy st. patrick's day!

Wednesday, March 7


who & what the heck is "Kony"?? my first guess was that it was some new rapper, honestly. it started out on twitter. i saw it again on facebook & had to take a good look at it. so i clicked on a link that someone posted, "if we didn't know." after that, my life would literally change.. forever.

i could go on & explain but i'm going to save it & just let you see for yourself. this is our get the word out. i never really paid attention to campaigns & other organizations who were set to accomplish a goal - until now of course. i've opened my eyes & now i see. this campaign has such a true motive. together, we will stop at nothing. i beg you to please AT LEAST watch the ENTIRE video... STOP KONY 2012!