Saturday, November 3

photoshoot: indian beauty

over the summer i was working with a photographer & we came across a variety of photoshoots. this particular one was my absolute favorite!! i got to do whatever i wanted... so of course i went above & beyond...

here, you can the pigmentation around the eyes. i wanted to really lift her eyes. she already had great eyebrows but i continued to fill in small areas.

a picture from instagram that i horribly took.. but i love the eyes..

Sunday, October 14


thought i'd share a little lip lovin' with my wonderful readers. here is a lipstick by MAC called 'vegas volt.' it's a lovely coral color with orange undertones. definitely gives you that pop of confidence when the weather is getting so cold & you're tired of your regular lip color.. you know, the nudes & plums, etc. in my opinion, adding a pop of color every now & then for the off season is fantastic. there is nothing better than standing out with lucious lips!
remember to stay happy, stay healthy & remember YOU are BEAUTIFUL!
- mmmmmuah! - em. <3


meet my newest baby - my MAC ZUCA!!!! i'd post pictures of what's inside but i'm waiting for my kit to be at least 90% complete. so far i'm at about 60%. honestly, so far this has seriously been the greatest thing EVER! it's durable, you can actually sit on it & it's so compact & modern.
let's get down to the details, shall we?
price: i forgot the exact price but afer tax & shipping for me it was $280 & some change
features: steel frame that is extremely durable. it's a top that acts a seat to hold up to 300 lbs!
the material that houses the pouches IS removable & washable
the wheels are the ones that look like roller blade wheels. they're soft but big & definitely help for when you're hauling your kit up the stairs
the zuca comes with 4 pouches that have the MAC logo on them. i got an additional 2 more because i feel like it could hold more!
the kit alone (without any makeup in it) is 8 lbs. it really doesn't even feel like it!
it comes with a durable cover that is water resistant &  washable as well.

if you would like to order this, you may do so! here's how: if you are a MAC PRO member, you are welcomed to call the US mac pro number. if you ARE NOT A MAC PRO MEMBER, you must call the MAC PRO in canada. i don't know why it's set up like this but it just is.
i have yet to use my zuca & travel somewhere with it. but i will soon because i have a wedding coming up & a few halloween gigs.
i PROMISE to post pictures as soon as my kit is a bit more plump!
as always, remember to stay happy, stay healthy & remember YOU are BEAUTIFUL!
- XOXO, em. <3

Monday, August 27

lo-lo-LOVE lashes!

hey everyone! i've recently started doing photo shoots to get my work out there for now. this picture is one that i posted on instagram tonight that simply features my little sister as i used her as a model in class. follow me on IG at emilymejiamua
be happy, be healthy & remember - YOU are BEAUTIFUL! <3
tons of colorful kissy lips, em.

Tuesday, August 21


hey everyone! as usual, a good amount of everything is happening - both good & bad. but on to the good stuff, i spent a day in boston for the MAKEUP FOR EVER (MUFE) pro road show. this was a big chance for me to learn how to see work from a pro! i was extremely excited.. i didn't go to sleep the night before even after working! yeah, NOT the best idea. anywho, here at the pro road show there were a bunch of ladies and some men. everything from their line was 40% off & some stuff was 50% off (the MUST HAVES!).

12 flash color palette!! this was truly something that i've been dying for! lol. & it was only $55!!! the perks of being in the beauty industry <3
this palette features 12 cream colors that can be used in many different ways; eyes, lips & cheeks! you can pretty much do anything with this & a few brushes!

 had to pick up a bigger metal palette.. the one i recieved for school just wasn't cutting it :( but i LOVE this one! very durable & sleek with the MUFE label on the bottom. great for mixing products. i didn't pick up the one with the little circles (i should have!) but they had that available as well, great for mixing foundations & other things that can get runny.
the main reason why i came was to pick up some foundations. i'm already half way through my bottles that i recieved from school (we didn't really get a big amount anyway). but i also wanted to build my kit with best. the texture is AMAZING! & a little goes such a long way - no joke. these foundations are great for photographing, they're light enough but not too sheer & they settle so nicely.

i also picked up 2 camoflauge concealer palettes & an aqua eyes pencil in black. some of the stuff wasn't available right there (you got to test it out & put it on an order sheet for it to be shipped to you). i just couldn't wait to get this posted. check out to see if they're coming to an area near you. this event is complimentary! you get to learn so much & it's just SO inspiring!

stay happy, stay healthy & remember - YOU are beautiful! <3
lots of hugs & kisses to all of my wonderful readers, FOR EVER!

Monday, July 30

new at sephora: nars cheek palette in foreplay

a few weeks i purchased the new nars cheek palette (i sadly missed last years dannari palette!!). as soon as i saw it i snatched it up online ASAP! all colors are based off of orgasm. you can play up these colors to create your custom mix of blush. personally, these colors are gorgeous on their own!! you have orgasm, a hot pink/fuchsia, a subtle daytime pink & a golden shimmer bar at the top. you can use that gold to mix with the hot pink to give you a luminous glow when you're going for the no makeup look. it's absolutely GORG!!! for darker skin tones, using that golden shimmer as a highlight is definitely a plus for your eyes and cheek bones. i will make a short video review on my YouTube channel for better details. happy blushing!!

as always, stay happy, stay healthy & KNOW you are beautiful!
 - pinky cheeks & lots of sweets from emily. <3

Tuesday, July 10

diy: makeup brush holder

 i probably should've done this long ago, but as always - i'm re-doing things, adding things & taking some away. today's project; my makeup brush holder. for the past few months i've accumulated plenty of makeup brushes (i had no clue i had this many) & i was keeping them in one of the small e.l.f. holders & more in another cubic glass vase thing. i went to ikea & bought this vase right here for my bamboo plants in my kitchen.. little did i know that was such a fail with 12 inch bamboo sticks & a small vase to think 3 bags of rocks would hold them up!

so here are the details.. the vase is from ikea, you can find it where the plant & floral things are. it was bout $15. here are the tiny bead-like things that i bought at a.c. moore (a local craft store here on the east coast). each bag was $9.99. silly me bought 2 bags thinking it would be too less.. i measured how many cups my vase holds & it came to 8. i tried doing some math & just stuck with 2 bags - still thinking i was risking it & i'd have to go back to get more. it was plenty. i didn't even use half of the other bag! so one of these puppies is ENOUGH!

as always; stay happy, stay healthy & remember - YOU are beautiful!
i love you all, xoxo emily.

Sunday, June 3

uv gel nails

i've been getting SO tired of being charged a different amount of money for the same service everytime i went to this nail salon i usually go to. it was time for my monthly fill & this time, i decided to go solo - by doing my nails myself. i usually get pink & white (i've been going for a year & a half). i've been dying to try the ibd uv gel system. everything was from sally's beauty supply. the intro kit costs about $35. the lamp (which is just another brand, 36 watts) was $70. the cost of the kit & the lamp (which will be a one time purchase) already pays for itself!! usually a uv gel service can range from $40-$100+. with this ibd gel system you get SO much product already. the only thing is that you have to buy "winter white" which comes seperately, if you want to do a french. the white in the kit comes out cloudy for a more super natural look.. it took me a while to discover this after i kept building the white & it wasn't opaque at all. again, this was my very first time doing this & i know i can definitely get better. it's almost as easy as putting on nail polish! as soon as i get the hang of it all, i plan on working on some people that i know - as soon as i get the right materials & sanitation materials as well.

stay happy, stay healthy, & remember; you are beautiful! - em. <3


Sunday, May 27

tiffany & co.

as soon as i saw these, i just died a little inside!! recently i stopped in lens crafters again to really check them out again because it's the perfect time - my birthday! i do have glasses, but i also plan on getting contact lenses for my birthday. during the past year i've felt a little scared for the condition of my eye sight as i've been experiencing different things. anywho, i've really been stuck into believing that i should be taking good care of every aspect of my life.. SO, next week, the fourth pair will be mine!! they fit absolutely wonderful & fit my face shape which is so hard for me to find!! to sum this all up, i just want my readers to keep in mind that taking care of your health is important. appreciate your vision that allows you to see life which is the most beautiful thing ever! hope you all have had a great weekend..

always remember to be happy, be healthy & you are BEAUTIFUL! -em. <3
love you all! xoxoxo

Saturday, May 26

rain or shine, i'm still smiling. :)

it's been TOO long since i've been writing material.. i always get this bad habit. things get busy! i actually feel like time just passes way too fast for me to keep up - i'm such a turtle. anywho, here's an update.. so my birthday is coming up on june 5th. i've been pondering on things that i want. my final decision; contact lenses, hair extensions & these adorable shades i saw today! i'll post them up tomorrow just to get this flow going. i've been instagramming NON-STOP! yes, i'm addicted. to follow me, just search for lifewithem. i'm usually posting pictures of myself, where i'm at, beauty related things, etc. i just can't get enough. i got the iphone4s! long story short, it was such a mistake to join sprint - oh god!! bbut i am now happily with verizon wireless YAAYYY!! i'll e back up to posting videos also. this is it.. i need to get something going for myself. summer is coming i've been working out lately but i've had to take a break since i just had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out at once..yeah, OUCH! so that's it for now before i get into my life story. i'll be here ladies & gents! i love you all & thank you for the support even while i'm gone! XOXO

be happy, be healthy & remember; YOU are beautiful! - em. <3

Monday, April 16

too much is never enough.. or is it?

after a few years of collecting, using & tossing.. i've still somehow found myself with tons of fragrances. maybe not as much as some people. but i'm only one person, there are only 365 days in a year & 3 sprays of perfume is enough, no more than 2 times a day. i haven't realized this habit of mine until i put them all on one shelf in my new apartment (this is why i've been gone for some time!). anywho, this is how i organize them. i've added more since then (i took this picture a few weeks ago) but i'll post an updated picture.. my collection ranges from bath & body works - uugh those darn coupons & promotions just get me!!! - victoria's secret, and department store fragrances made by celebrities. i like fruity, sweet & sophisticated scents. nothing too flowery or old lady-ish, blaght!

as always; stay happy, stay healthy & remember, YOU are beautiful! - <3 em.

Friday, March 16

sample review: clarins one-step gentle exfoliating cleanser

oh my!! my skin is feeling absolutely smooth & clean. i received this lovely sized sample of clarins one-step gentle exfoliating cleanser from sephora (of course) with an online order a while ago. as always, let's skip the chit-chat & get right to it. GET IT! why?? i'll tell you...

it's a 4-in-1 exfoliating treatment that is said to cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify & tone your skin. in this case, i agree.

you don't even need a lot to apply it to your whole face. i've now used this sample twice & i still have around 4 more uses to go. this is literally ALL you need! because we want to protect our skin, overdoing it isn't good. i would recommend this to be used only once a week. twice if you're like me & have had enough by the end of the week.

this is formulated for all skin types.. oily, dry, pale, dark, green, blue, purple. you name it. the texture is just gel like with "moringa" (horse-radish) grains.. these are the beads that are in here. can you see them?? they don't dissapear on you & they work fabulously at getting off all the dirt & gunk off of your face. i scrub my face with the tips of my hands so i can really work this into the crevices of my nose & those hard to reach areas.

this product is sort of an investment for your face. from it costs $35 for 4.4 oz. not too bad for what it is & how long it'll last you!

as for scent, it has orange extracts so it smells nice & citrusy.

my personal rating for this product recieves:
5 out of 5 stars!

as always; stay happy, stay healthy & remember, YOU are beautiful! - <3 em.
have a happy st. patrick's day!

Wednesday, March 7


who & what the heck is "Kony"?? my first guess was that it was some new rapper, honestly. it started out on twitter. i saw it again on facebook & had to take a good look at it. so i clicked on a link that someone posted, "if we didn't know." after that, my life would literally change.. forever.

i could go on & explain but i'm going to save it & just let you see for yourself. this is our get the word out. i never really paid attention to campaigns & other organizations who were set to accomplish a goal - until now of course. i've opened my eyes & now i see. this campaign has such a true motive. together, we will stop at nothing. i beg you to please AT LEAST watch the ENTIRE video... STOP KONY 2012!

Saturday, February 18

to me, from me.

i celebrated my valentine's day late with my guy since i worked for 12 & a half hours on the real v-day! we were both off & decided to do some shopping and what-not. well, okay, I decided to go shopping. hubby got a few things like a dolce & gabbana cologne, a new laptop, a carrying case for it & other guy things. i on the other hand, had my first experience with michael kors! we went an hour away to the westfarms mall in hartford. i LOVE that mall since our local mall is super boring. anywho, i've been eyeing this bag for a while & i went for it. i don't have anything white & i've been needing something new & comfortable. read on for the details!



  • model: east / west  signature tote
  • price: $189, plus tax ($210 & some change for the state of CT)
  • material: pvc coated leather.
  • hardware: 18K gold
  • inside: middle divider which is also a pocket with a zipper, each side of the bag itself has pockets as well. great for carrying your phone & other goods.
  • outside: 2 pockets on each side of the bag, extremely convinient! has "feet" on the bottom to protect the bottom material of the bag.
  • available at: micheal kors website (link) , macy's, nordstrom
i'm extremely happy with my purchase. the handles are thin & feel comfortable. the look of this bag & it's color scheme overall looks classy, clean & sophisticated. because this is pvc material, cleaning should be a breeze. michael kors does provide specific cleaners for extra care for your bag. i plan on using this as an every day bag whenever the time is necessary (going to refrain from bringing it to work though). it's simply perfect. so why MK? well, i wanted something new. i have coach & all but i just wanted something fresh.

stay happy, stay healthy & always remember; YOU are beautiful! - em. <3

Monday, February 6

e.l.f blush & bronzer duo

i'm probably the last person on earth to get this! my walmart JUST put e.l.f in their selection so i'm picking things up little by little if they look worth it. i'm not going too crazy but i just might, seeing how my makeup addiction is worsening a bit. but you only live once! so ladies & gents, here are the details...

  •  $3 price tag
  • commonly known dupe for NARS blush & bronzer duo
  • light weight
  • convinient
  • easy to use
  • color payoff
  • blush & bronzer all in one
  • bronzer can be used for contouring
  • generously sized mirror
  • both shades can be used for a sweep of color on the lids
  • very powdery... very.
  • powder isn't milled too finely (but that's okay in this case for $3!)
  • my mirror came off as soon as i got it (easily fixed with krazy glue)
  • there's always so much fallout on the palette - wasted product :(
thoughts overall:

if you're just beginning in makeup, e.l.f is always the way to go so that you can experiemnt with different colors & materials. this is something i'd carry in my makeup bag for touch-up's but not something i'd use for a look that i'd want to stay on for the whole day. the colors are blendable & are actually great for color selection. as far as which complexion's these would work with, very light skin tones may have some dissapointment since the bronzer is pretty deep & pigmented. these shades may also have a hard time showing up on very deep & dark skin tones. this isn't something to rave about or go out & buy ASAP but it is a nice alternative to getting the NARS duo which is a huge difference in price (& quality). i also wish they'd have this available in different colors so that these would work with different skin tones. i'm pretty half & half on this one. that being said, if you buy this, don't expect too much of it. if you have an open mind & are'nt too picky on your products, go for it.

 as always; stay happy, stay healthy & remember.. YOU are beautiful! -em. <3

Wednesday, January 25

jewelmint: bombshell bracelet

jewelmint is a subscription based website where personally styled jewelry is picked for you each month at $30. this is my first purchase; the bombshell bracelet from december. because i was a first time purchaser, i received my bracelet for 70% off, making it only $8.99!
 for more information, you may visit jewelmint <--here. the basics of what you need to know is that you're charged $30 (once a month *in the beginning) automatically unless you choose to skip the month, you may purchase additional pieces, & discount codes are available. my thoughts & opinions are stated below.

about the bombshell bracelet:

"Indulge your inner bombshell beauty with this bedazzled bracelet. Inspired by Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, our 7 ½” wrist adornment includes an ultra glamorous mix of black acrylic cabochon stones, dazzling crystals, and ball bead detail. This statement piece combines feminine appeal and sizzling style because some like it hot!" - JewelMint

structure & quality:

it seems as if this bracelet would be a bangle type of thing (that's what i thought when i purchased mine). it's actually put together with little O rings at the top & bottom edges. it has a clam shell type of closure that has "jewelmint" engraved on it. each section moves freely so it's not stiff around your wrist. as for quality, i'd probably say it's ALMOST there. why "almost"? well, a while after wearing my bracelet to work, i noticed the closure is turning pink as if it's a cheap piece. nothing has happened to the rest of the bracelet so far (thank god!) but we'll see. the detailing is gorgeous, obviously. i've never had a piece like this.. i love it.


jewelmint provides every piece they sell in these minty green boxes that open up like a clam shell with a magnetic closure. the box is wrapped with a removable (& reusable) bow. not only that but inside the box is a small black, velvet drawstring pouch with a small charm that also has the logo on it. pretty much anything that's made from them has their name on it. you can tell they REALLY put thought into the packaging... seriously.

final overview:

i really like what i've purchased from jewelmint for my first time. however, if i bought this piece for the full $30, i probably would've thought that it could've been better. it is a clean peice of jewelry & it's gorgeous. the closure turning pink totally threw me off. i was impressed with packaging but i feel like that's where half of the money is going.. it's a very pretty box & a very nice drawstring bag, c'mon. some of the things i saw on the website didn't look price worthy, you really have to choose wisely, unless you're into anything literally. i also wish they wouldn't show you the jewelry based off of their personality test (taken when you sign up). i've seen some things from other people that are sooo nice but aren't featured in my showroom. so, i'm hoping they'll have the jewelry available under tabs that categorize them by style or something.

stay happy, stay healthy & remember; YOU are beautiful! - em. <3

Saturday, January 21

e.l.f brushes: review & comparison

it seems like walmart is now starting to carry e.l.f cosmetics! i picked 3 brushes from each line simply because a.) they weren't review worthy b.) they weren't needed (same thing as a lol) & c.) some brushes weren't available in their selection. i'm just going to keep this sweet & short because there isn't too much or too little to go on about these. for questions, you may contact me through e-mail or simply leave a comment below.

e.l.f essential line brushes
(3 out of 5)

  • $1 - great price & definitely affordable
  • decent size (handle & actual bristles, not too small)
  • some come with a plastic guard (hold shape)
  • brush purpose labeled on handle (bronzing, face, eye shadow) & slightly indented to prevent fading
  • density
  • a bit of a jagged feeling at the ends of the bristles (un-even cut)
  • not as soft as the studio line brushes
  • instant shedding
  • bristles aren't fully packed & protected to their potential (in the metal part)
  • brush labels are in silver which may make it hard to read & not too distinct

e.l.f studio line brushes
(5 out of 5)

  • $3 - great price & definitely affordable
  • great size (handle & actual bristles, not too big or small)
  • some brushes come with a plastic guard (hold shape)
  • brush purpose labeled on handle in white(very distinct & easy to read)
  • density
  • amazingly soft
  • very even cut
  • none. :)

essential line vs. studio line
& similarities

  • which would i rather have? definitely studio line
  • both lines are great & get the job done
  • both lines (& e.l.f in general) are very affordable for pretty much anyone
  • great for beginners in makeup & personal use, even a freelancer.
  • studio line brushes are longer (handle wise) than the essential line
  • studio line handle is a black, matte finish
  • essential line handle is a white, pearly finish

Saturday, January 14

tag: what's in my purse?

my purse: juicy couture scottie bling - baby fluffy bag

(the heart charms were added seperately. the key is what's on it already)
wine key, coke bottle caps for coke rewards, krazy glue cap, rae's driving school coupon, coach coin purse, quarter, aeropostale bailey perfume, maybelline fit me foundation, bath & body works vanilla bean noel hand sanitizer, sephora hello kitty makeup bag (contains vs beauty rush lip gloss, klenex & blotting papers), neutrogena lipstick, vs the hand cream, neutrogena lip gloss, walgreens chap-aid, vs beauty rush lip gloss

toys r us coupon (also other coupons that fold out), a note that reads "carbona stain remover, tampons, tweet #ETTips, brush roll", pens for work
tampon, pill case, monster diddy beats, keychains & 1 useless key

so that's pretty much it! lol. what's in your purse?

stay happy, stay healthy & remember; YOU are beautiful. <3 -em.

coming up!: a little bit of haulage.. can you guess what??