Sunday, May 27

tiffany & co.

as soon as i saw these, i just died a little inside!! recently i stopped in lens crafters again to really check them out again because it's the perfect time - my birthday! i do have glasses, but i also plan on getting contact lenses for my birthday. during the past year i've felt a little scared for the condition of my eye sight as i've been experiencing different things. anywho, i've really been stuck into believing that i should be taking good care of every aspect of my life.. SO, next week, the fourth pair will be mine!! they fit absolutely wonderful & fit my face shape which is so hard for me to find!! to sum this all up, i just want my readers to keep in mind that taking care of your health is important. appreciate your vision that allows you to see life which is the most beautiful thing ever! hope you all have had a great weekend..

always remember to be happy, be healthy & you are BEAUTIFUL! -em. <3
love you all! xoxoxo

Saturday, May 26

rain or shine, i'm still smiling. :)

it's been TOO long since i've been writing material.. i always get this bad habit. things get busy! i actually feel like time just passes way too fast for me to keep up - i'm such a turtle. anywho, here's an update.. so my birthday is coming up on june 5th. i've been pondering on things that i want. my final decision; contact lenses, hair extensions & these adorable shades i saw today! i'll post them up tomorrow just to get this flow going. i've been instagramming NON-STOP! yes, i'm addicted. to follow me, just search for lifewithem. i'm usually posting pictures of myself, where i'm at, beauty related things, etc. i just can't get enough. i got the iphone4s! long story short, it was such a mistake to join sprint - oh god!! bbut i am now happily with verizon wireless YAAYYY!! i'll e back up to posting videos also. this is it.. i need to get something going for myself. summer is coming i've been working out lately but i've had to take a break since i just had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out at once..yeah, OUCH! so that's it for now before i get into my life story. i'll be here ladies & gents! i love you all & thank you for the support even while i'm gone! XOXO

be happy, be healthy & remember; YOU are beautiful! - em. <3