Monday, April 16

too much is never enough.. or is it?

after a few years of collecting, using & tossing.. i've still somehow found myself with tons of fragrances. maybe not as much as some people. but i'm only one person, there are only 365 days in a year & 3 sprays of perfume is enough, no more than 2 times a day. i haven't realized this habit of mine until i put them all on one shelf in my new apartment (this is why i've been gone for some time!). anywho, this is how i organize them. i've added more since then (i took this picture a few weeks ago) but i'll post an updated picture.. my collection ranges from bath & body works - uugh those darn coupons & promotions just get me!!! - victoria's secret, and department store fragrances made by celebrities. i like fruity, sweet & sophisticated scents. nothing too flowery or old lady-ish, blaght!

as always; stay happy, stay healthy & remember, YOU are beautiful! - <3 em.