Saturday, February 18

to me, from me.

i celebrated my valentine's day late with my guy since i worked for 12 & a half hours on the real v-day! we were both off & decided to do some shopping and what-not. well, okay, I decided to go shopping. hubby got a few things like a dolce & gabbana cologne, a new laptop, a carrying case for it & other guy things. i on the other hand, had my first experience with michael kors! we went an hour away to the westfarms mall in hartford. i LOVE that mall since our local mall is super boring. anywho, i've been eyeing this bag for a while & i went for it. i don't have anything white & i've been needing something new & comfortable. read on for the details!



  • model: east / west  signature tote
  • price: $189, plus tax ($210 & some change for the state of CT)
  • material: pvc coated leather.
  • hardware: 18K gold
  • inside: middle divider which is also a pocket with a zipper, each side of the bag itself has pockets as well. great for carrying your phone & other goods.
  • outside: 2 pockets on each side of the bag, extremely convinient! has "feet" on the bottom to protect the bottom material of the bag.
  • available at: micheal kors website (link) , macy's, nordstrom
i'm extremely happy with my purchase. the handles are thin & feel comfortable. the look of this bag & it's color scheme overall looks classy, clean & sophisticated. because this is pvc material, cleaning should be a breeze. michael kors does provide specific cleaners for extra care for your bag. i plan on using this as an every day bag whenever the time is necessary (going to refrain from bringing it to work though). it's simply perfect. so why MK? well, i wanted something new. i have coach & all but i just wanted something fresh.

stay happy, stay healthy & always remember; YOU are beautiful! - em. <3

Monday, February 6

e.l.f blush & bronzer duo

i'm probably the last person on earth to get this! my walmart JUST put e.l.f in their selection so i'm picking things up little by little if they look worth it. i'm not going too crazy but i just might, seeing how my makeup addiction is worsening a bit. but you only live once! so ladies & gents, here are the details...

  •  $3 price tag
  • commonly known dupe for NARS blush & bronzer duo
  • light weight
  • convinient
  • easy to use
  • color payoff
  • blush & bronzer all in one
  • bronzer can be used for contouring
  • generously sized mirror
  • both shades can be used for a sweep of color on the lids
  • very powdery... very.
  • powder isn't milled too finely (but that's okay in this case for $3!)
  • my mirror came off as soon as i got it (easily fixed with krazy glue)
  • there's always so much fallout on the palette - wasted product :(
thoughts overall:

if you're just beginning in makeup, e.l.f is always the way to go so that you can experiemnt with different colors & materials. this is something i'd carry in my makeup bag for touch-up's but not something i'd use for a look that i'd want to stay on for the whole day. the colors are blendable & are actually great for color selection. as far as which complexion's these would work with, very light skin tones may have some dissapointment since the bronzer is pretty deep & pigmented. these shades may also have a hard time showing up on very deep & dark skin tones. this isn't something to rave about or go out & buy ASAP but it is a nice alternative to getting the NARS duo which is a huge difference in price (& quality). i also wish they'd have this available in different colors so that these would work with different skin tones. i'm pretty half & half on this one. that being said, if you buy this, don't expect too much of it. if you have an open mind & are'nt too picky on your products, go for it.

 as always; stay happy, stay healthy & remember.. YOU are beautiful! -em. <3