Saturday, December 18

a great night out with a touch of glitz & glam

Winter is just a few days away and still there's no snow! Will we have a white Christmas in New England?! Maybe, maybe not. We'll see! So anyway, I just got back from my first night of hanging with the "ImPac'Uth Group" (pronounced as Impact Youth). I've been NEEDING something to do for these weekends and I'm SO glad that I've gotten my chance to be a part of this. We went to the local broadway theatre and saw Cirque Le Masque. One word; AMAZING! I haven't painted my nails in, well, FOREVER. So I decided to go with a sparkly nail polish as sort of a celebration for the year and the holidays which are right around the corner! Mine came in a package of 2 mini bottles at Forever21. If you're able to find the same exact polish, awesome! If not, don't panic! Glittery nail polishes are available everywhere. Try this look for cocktail hour, a New Year's party, the club, and even the holidays!