Monday, August 27

lo-lo-LOVE lashes!

hey everyone! i've recently started doing photo shoots to get my work out there for now. this picture is one that i posted on instagram tonight that simply features my little sister as i used her as a model in class. follow me on IG at emilymejiamua
be happy, be healthy & remember - YOU are BEAUTIFUL! <3
tons of colorful kissy lips, em.

Tuesday, August 21


hey everyone! as usual, a good amount of everything is happening - both good & bad. but on to the good stuff, i spent a day in boston for the MAKEUP FOR EVER (MUFE) pro road show. this was a big chance for me to learn how to see work from a pro! i was extremely excited.. i didn't go to sleep the night before even after working! yeah, NOT the best idea. anywho, here at the pro road show there were a bunch of ladies and some men. everything from their line was 40% off & some stuff was 50% off (the MUST HAVES!).

12 flash color palette!! this was truly something that i've been dying for! lol. & it was only $55!!! the perks of being in the beauty industry <3
this palette features 12 cream colors that can be used in many different ways; eyes, lips & cheeks! you can pretty much do anything with this & a few brushes!

 had to pick up a bigger metal palette.. the one i recieved for school just wasn't cutting it :( but i LOVE this one! very durable & sleek with the MUFE label on the bottom. great for mixing products. i didn't pick up the one with the little circles (i should have!) but they had that available as well, great for mixing foundations & other things that can get runny.
the main reason why i came was to pick up some foundations. i'm already half way through my bottles that i recieved from school (we didn't really get a big amount anyway). but i also wanted to build my kit with best. the texture is AMAZING! & a little goes such a long way - no joke. these foundations are great for photographing, they're light enough but not too sheer & they settle so nicely.

i also picked up 2 camoflauge concealer palettes & an aqua eyes pencil in black. some of the stuff wasn't available right there (you got to test it out & put it on an order sheet for it to be shipped to you). i just couldn't wait to get this posted. check out to see if they're coming to an area near you. this event is complimentary! you get to learn so much & it's just SO inspiring!

stay happy, stay healthy & remember - YOU are beautiful! <3
lots of hugs & kisses to all of my wonderful readers, FOR EVER!