Monday, July 30

new at sephora: nars cheek palette in foreplay

a few weeks i purchased the new nars cheek palette (i sadly missed last years dannari palette!!). as soon as i saw it i snatched it up online ASAP! all colors are based off of orgasm. you can play up these colors to create your custom mix of blush. personally, these colors are gorgeous on their own!! you have orgasm, a hot pink/fuchsia, a subtle daytime pink & a golden shimmer bar at the top. you can use that gold to mix with the hot pink to give you a luminous glow when you're going for the no makeup look. it's absolutely GORG!!! for darker skin tones, using that golden shimmer as a highlight is definitely a plus for your eyes and cheek bones. i will make a short video review on my YouTube channel for better details. happy blushing!!

as always, stay happy, stay healthy & KNOW you are beautiful!
 - pinky cheeks & lots of sweets from emily. <3

Tuesday, July 10

diy: makeup brush holder

 i probably should've done this long ago, but as always - i'm re-doing things, adding things & taking some away. today's project; my makeup brush holder. for the past few months i've accumulated plenty of makeup brushes (i had no clue i had this many) & i was keeping them in one of the small e.l.f. holders & more in another cubic glass vase thing. i went to ikea & bought this vase right here for my bamboo plants in my kitchen.. little did i know that was such a fail with 12 inch bamboo sticks & a small vase to think 3 bags of rocks would hold them up!

so here are the details.. the vase is from ikea, you can find it where the plant & floral things are. it was bout $15. here are the tiny bead-like things that i bought at a.c. moore (a local craft store here on the east coast). each bag was $9.99. silly me bought 2 bags thinking it would be too less.. i measured how many cups my vase holds & it came to 8. i tried doing some math & just stuck with 2 bags - still thinking i was risking it & i'd have to go back to get more. it was plenty. i didn't even use half of the other bag! so one of these puppies is ENOUGH!

as always; stay happy, stay healthy & remember - YOU are beautiful!
i love you all, xoxo emily.