Sunday, June 3

uv gel nails

i've been getting SO tired of being charged a different amount of money for the same service everytime i went to this nail salon i usually go to. it was time for my monthly fill & this time, i decided to go solo - by doing my nails myself. i usually get pink & white (i've been going for a year & a half). i've been dying to try the ibd uv gel system. everything was from sally's beauty supply. the intro kit costs about $35. the lamp (which is just another brand, 36 watts) was $70. the cost of the kit & the lamp (which will be a one time purchase) already pays for itself!! usually a uv gel service can range from $40-$100+. with this ibd gel system you get SO much product already. the only thing is that you have to buy "winter white" which comes seperately, if you want to do a french. the white in the kit comes out cloudy for a more super natural look.. it took me a while to discover this after i kept building the white & it wasn't opaque at all. again, this was my very first time doing this & i know i can definitely get better. it's almost as easy as putting on nail polish! as soon as i get the hang of it all, i plan on working on some people that i know - as soon as i get the right materials & sanitation materials as well.

stay happy, stay healthy, & remember; you are beautiful! - em. <3