Saturday, February 18

to me, from me.

i celebrated my valentine's day late with my guy since i worked for 12 & a half hours on the real v-day! we were both off & decided to do some shopping and what-not. well, okay, I decided to go shopping. hubby got a few things like a dolce & gabbana cologne, a new laptop, a carrying case for it & other guy things. i on the other hand, had my first experience with michael kors! we went an hour away to the westfarms mall in hartford. i LOVE that mall since our local mall is super boring. anywho, i've been eyeing this bag for a while & i went for it. i don't have anything white & i've been needing something new & comfortable. read on for the details!



  • model: east / west  signature tote
  • price: $189, plus tax ($210 & some change for the state of CT)
  • material: pvc coated leather.
  • hardware: 18K gold
  • inside: middle divider which is also a pocket with a zipper, each side of the bag itself has pockets as well. great for carrying your phone & other goods.
  • outside: 2 pockets on each side of the bag, extremely convinient! has "feet" on the bottom to protect the bottom material of the bag.
  • available at: micheal kors website (link) , macy's, nordstrom
i'm extremely happy with my purchase. the handles are thin & feel comfortable. the look of this bag & it's color scheme overall looks classy, clean & sophisticated. because this is pvc material, cleaning should be a breeze. michael kors does provide specific cleaners for extra care for your bag. i plan on using this as an every day bag whenever the time is necessary (going to refrain from bringing it to work though). it's simply perfect. so why MK? well, i wanted something new. i have coach & all but i just wanted something fresh.

stay happy, stay healthy & always remember; YOU are beautiful! - em. <3

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