Saturday, May 26

rain or shine, i'm still smiling. :)

it's been TOO long since i've been writing material.. i always get this bad habit. things get busy! i actually feel like time just passes way too fast for me to keep up - i'm such a turtle. anywho, here's an update.. so my birthday is coming up on june 5th. i've been pondering on things that i want. my final decision; contact lenses, hair extensions & these adorable shades i saw today! i'll post them up tomorrow just to get this flow going. i've been instagramming NON-STOP! yes, i'm addicted. to follow me, just search for lifewithem. i'm usually posting pictures of myself, where i'm at, beauty related things, etc. i just can't get enough. i got the iphone4s! long story short, it was such a mistake to join sprint - oh god!! bbut i am now happily with verizon wireless YAAYYY!! i'll e back up to posting videos also. this is it.. i need to get something going for myself. summer is coming i've been working out lately but i've had to take a break since i just had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out at once..yeah, OUCH! so that's it for now before i get into my life story. i'll be here ladies & gents! i love you all & thank you for the support even while i'm gone! XOXO

be happy, be healthy & remember; YOU are beautiful! - em. <3

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