Friday, January 13

tag: abc's of my life

just a little something for today's afternoon post.
if you haven't done this already, i tag you to do it! have a wonderful friday. :)

A. age
18 years old

B. bed size
full size, something like that.

C. chore you hate
probably laundry.. i hate when a white fades or something.

D. day
friday!! best day of the week to make money at the restaurant.

E. essential start to your day
another few minutes of beauty sleep. :)

F. favorite color
i'm pretty sure it's obvious, pink!

G. gold or silver
gold. my skin complexion, dark hair & eyes just go great with it
(even though i wear silver most of the time).

H. height
5 feet & an inch tall. (it counts!)

I. instruments
lol.. good times. "one time in band camp.." okay, flute.

J. job title
waitress, hopefully makeup artist, blogger

K. kids
zero for the next few years.

L. live in
connecticut.. nothing great. :/

M. mom's name
jackie <3 i love my mommy.

N. nickname

O. overnight hospital stay
i don't think i've ever had an overnight stay...

P. pet peeve
oh goodness.. i have many. to name a few: rude customers, rude customer service, walmart, nasty attitudes... uuuh just a bunch of stuff.

Q. quote from a movie

R. right or left handed

S. siblings
1 brother, 2 sisters - all younger than me
1 step sister who's older than me

T. time you wake up
oh boy... afternoon, sometimes morning, night.

U. underwear
anything cute, majority is from victoria's secret (5 for $25!)

V. vegetables you dislike
barely any. i looooooove my veggies!

W. what makes you run late
i'm hispanic.. anything can make me late.
it's usually just me being sidetracked or taking my sweet ol' time.

X. x-ray you've had
my elbow when i was younger & i usually get my teeth x-rayed at dentist appointments.

Y. yummy food you make
haven't cooked in forever! soooo.. nothing.

Z. zoo
is a very fun place! :D penguins are the best.

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  1. here is mine.

    I love penguins too. They are so cute!