Friday, January 13

e.l.f. cosmetics small brush holder

i've been wanting a small brush holder for my nyx train case since i'm storing my mac brushes in the middle compartment (love this feature!). as i was looking, i found this e.l.f (eyes lips face) small brush holder. i thought it was nice & sleek & figured i could use it after taking a few measurements of my train case compartment width with my pinkey tip.

image used from e.l.f

price: i bought it off of where its $6 ($1 more than the price on plus shipping & handling, my total was $12.95. why? well, it was sold out on the elf website & i couldn't wait much longer! i signed up for the notice for when it'd be back in stock. of course as soon as i got my brush holder, elf sent an e-mail, notifying me that they were back in stock (BUMMER!).

packaging: the brush holder is 3" by 3" & 4" in height. it has a rubberized feeling (sort of like the NARS packaging). on one side only it reads "eyes lips face". keep in mind, this rubberized texture isn't finger print friendly so if you're not a fan of finger prints (who the hell is?) then you might not want this. i got this because it'll be covered up anyway, only exposing my brushes.

purchase: you can visit or e.l.f  *both links will take you directly to the product page*

stay happy, stay healthy & remember; YOU are beautiful. <3 -em.


  1. wish i could order online or i;d get this!

  2. Are ELF brushes good in your opinion?

    Check my blog out, if you like:

  3. i've never tried any e.l.f brushes before so i can't say. the first picture is taken from the e.l.f cosmetics website. i'll put it down on my list to purchase a few & i will be sure to do a review on them! :) i'm sorry i can't answer your question but thank you for giving me a new idea.

  4. can't believe this is only $6! what a score.