Tuesday, June 28

revlon's scented nail polish - perfect summer shades

colors/scents in order of appearance:
cotton candy, bubble gum, mad about mango, mon cherry, grape icy, not so blueberry, ocean breeze
my lovlies "in the making" on twitter.

as always, i wander off in a store & seem to find something new. this time, it was these babies right here. was it the color? i don't know, i can't remember. it was probably the word "scented." anywho, these polishes smell amazingly good, even with a top coat! they're true to label. the only one i didn't get was 'beach' because i simply wouldn't wear something tacky as lime green.. hmm, i might try it. keyword; might. another one i didn't get was coconut crush. they didn't have it along with about 2 other scents! :( you can find these in most drugstores & of course online. & some of you may think, "why would i smell my own nails?" .. it's just a matter of adding some fun to your collection. simply google "revlon scented nail polish" & pick yours up a.s.a.p! ♥ until then...

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