Sunday, October 14


meet my newest baby - my MAC ZUCA!!!! i'd post pictures of what's inside but i'm waiting for my kit to be at least 90% complete. so far i'm at about 60%. honestly, so far this has seriously been the greatest thing EVER! it's durable, you can actually sit on it & it's so compact & modern.
let's get down to the details, shall we?
price: i forgot the exact price but afer tax & shipping for me it was $280 & some change
features: steel frame that is extremely durable. it's a top that acts a seat to hold up to 300 lbs!
the material that houses the pouches IS removable & washable
the wheels are the ones that look like roller blade wheels. they're soft but big & definitely help for when you're hauling your kit up the stairs
the zuca comes with 4 pouches that have the MAC logo on them. i got an additional 2 more because i feel like it could hold more!
the kit alone (without any makeup in it) is 8 lbs. it really doesn't even feel like it!
it comes with a durable cover that is water resistant &  washable as well.

if you would like to order this, you may do so! here's how: if you are a MAC PRO member, you are welcomed to call the US mac pro number. if you ARE NOT A MAC PRO MEMBER, you must call the MAC PRO in canada. i don't know why it's set up like this but it just is.
i have yet to use my zuca & travel somewhere with it. but i will soon because i have a wedding coming up & a few halloween gigs.
i PROMISE to post pictures as soon as my kit is a bit more plump!
as always, remember to stay happy, stay healthy & remember YOU are BEAUTIFUL!
- XOXO, em. <3

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